Free Invite Codes

If you are seeking an invite code (and do not wish to trade, or do not meet the desired-fandoms of our other code-share posts) then this is the post where you will comment.

In the Subject header, specify whether you are a 'Consumer' of fanworks, or a 'Creator' of fanworks. To cut down on communication time, feel free to include the email address where you would like your invitation sent.

Please comment in reply to whomever you are sending your invitation to, if you are sharing a code, letting us know you are doing so. The comment thread will then be deleted so there is no confusion, and people can more efficiently get their invites out to those in need of them.

Thank you for sharing!

Trade-Only Codes

If you would like to offer an invite code to a member in trade of a fanwork, this post will be where you will comment to communicate with others who would also like to participate in a trade for a code.

Please enter your specified medium of the trade (ex. icons, fanmix, fanfic) into the Subject header, how many codes are available for this type of trade, and any other additional information. If you would like to do different types of trades with different invite codes, please make separate comments for each different medium.

Trades Currently Being Sought Out Iclude:
• None

Fandom-Only Codes

If you would like to offer an invite code to a member of a particular fandom (ex. Sherlock BBC, Star Trek, Harry Potter) community, then this post is where you will comment with your offerings!

Please enter your specified fandoms into the Subject header, and any additional information into the rest of the comment box, then add your reply. If you are responding, make certain that you reply to the specific comment, not to this post in general as it will not reach the desired party.

Fandoms Currently Being Sought Out Iclude:
• None