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1. If you would like to request an invite code, please comment in this post.
2. If you would like to give away a code, without any strings attached, please see the request-comments located in this post. If you decide to send someone a code, please reply to their comment saying so, so that we may delete comment threads that are no longer needed.
3. If you wish only to offer a code to a member of a specific fandom, please comment to this post. If you run out of codes, please delete your comment.
4. If you would like to trade a code for a fanwork, please comment to this post, and delete your comment when your codes are gone.
5. If you are sending an actual code, make sure you include the right url:

To prevent risk of someone other than the intended taking the code, send the code via pm, email or comment, rather than posting it.
6. Please help out by offering at least one code once you join AO3, and receive additional invitation codes.

AO3 is currently in Beta, and for now, there is a halt on requesting invite codes, so they may be scarce. Please be patient and hope for the best when it comes to requesting a code.